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Supervision agreement

  • Supervision agreement

The supervision agreement covers the relationship between the doctoral candidates and their supervisors, and thereby also the University. The rights and obligations, and also the expectations of both sides are put in writing in the agreement.

  • Duration of the doctorate, type of financing and personal objectives of the doctoral candidate for their accompanying interdisciplinary training (career development) can be listed in the agreement.
  • Composition and contribution of a supervisory team are to be agreed.
  • Good scientific practice: supervisors and doctoral candidates agree to comply with good scientific practice.

A supervision agreement is an individual arrangement and can be adjusted to the development of the doctorate over time.

  • Recommendations for the creation of a supervision agreement

Taken from: German Research Foundation: Recommendations for the creation of supervision agreements. DFG form 1.90 - 7/08

A supervision agreement should establish a transparent relationship between doctoral candidate and supervisor as regards both content and time. The independent planning and execution of the doctoral work should be such that the structured cooperation between supervisor and doctoral candiate enables the project to be completed with high quality and within a reasonable timeframe. A supervision agreement should include at least the following aspects:

  • Participants (doctoral candidate, supervisor, possible further mentors and other participants),
  • Subject of the doctoral thesis (and title of the thesis)
  • Structured time and work plan of content and its further development,
  • Duties and obligations of the doctoral candidate: regular reporting requirements (credits, participation in the qualification program/scientific training,…), regular submission of partial results.,
  • Duties and obligations of the supervisor: Regular expert advice, support of early scientific independence, career development/mentoring, quality control (regular progress checks, …) Note: the obligation to provide supervision until the end of the doctorate is independent of the duration of the financing of the doctorate.
  • Integration into a working group, a research network or a graduate program (graduate college, graduate school...),
  • Workplace (equipment for doctoral candidate),
  • Bilateral commitment to the principles of good scientific practice,
  • Rules in case of conflict,
  • Special measures or regulations to reconcile family and academic work.

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