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Good Scientific Practice

At the University of Bayreuth, good scientific practice has been defined and regulated since May 2012 in the "Safeguarding standards of good scientific practice and handling of scientific misconduct (link to German pdf).

Already on July 12, 2011, the university management had adopted measures to safeguard the standards of good scientific practice in the supervision of doctoral candidates, particularly in the doctoral process (link to German pdf)

The scientists are supported at an early stage in their careers. The supervision of doctoral students should take place within a framework that ensures lasting familiarity with the standards of good scientific practice. The WiN Academy and the University of Bayreuth Graduate School underpin this with corresponding advanced training offers.

Helpful links and documents on good scientific practice

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We are currently in the age of data floods ('data deluge'). Data must therefore be well organized and accessible. Research data are the basis of scientific work and should be treated and documented according to relevant professional standards throughout the entire research process - from data collection to publication and long-term provision.

The organisation and management of one's own data facilitate scientific work, make it possible to control one's own work processes and guarantee the quality of the data through the traceability of its origin. Research data management thus makes a contribution to good scientific practice.

More information on the website.

Download the University of Bayreuth's Research Data Management guidelines (pdf, German only)

​Predatory Publishing / Predatory Open AccessHide

Predatory publishing refers to the approach of black sheep among publishers.  In recent years, the number of such dubious publishers has risen sharply. 

In predatory publishing, i.e. the publication of research results by predatory publishers, quality assurance (peer review, indexing, etc.) and editorial editing of articles often do not take place or do not meet the standards of good scientific practice. Predatory publishing is often a phenomenon in the field of Open Access publishing. The authors levy the usual Article Processing Charges (APCs) in order to abuse the concept of Open Access, without any corresponding services being provided.

More information on the website of the university library.

Download the University of Bayreuth's Information on Predatory Publishing (pdf, German only) 

Publication guideline of the University of BayreuthHide

The publication guideline is intended to serve as a guideline for the standardized indication of affiliation in German and English publications.

Through the implementation of the recommendations, the visibility and perception of the research activities of the scientists of the University of Bayreuth should be further increased and the international reputation of the University of Bayreuth among funding institutions and cooperation partners should be further strengthened.

More information on the  website of the university library

Download the publication guideline of the University of Bayreuth (pdf)

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