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Enrolment for Doctoral Studies

Enrolment for doctoral candidates („Doctoral Studies“)

The enrolment of doctoral candidates for doctoral studies is only requested if this is stated in the official doctoral regulations.

The enrolment for doctoral studies is based on the matriculation regulations (“Immatrikulationssatzung”). It distinguishes between conditional and direct acceptance. For a direct acceptance, all requirements need to be fulfilled.

There are no deadlines/key dates for the enrolment of doctoral candidates for doctoral studies.

Conditional acceptance up to two semesters

The conditional enrolment up to two semesters is possible for doctoral candidates who have registered at a faculty or graduate center, but with an official acceptance still pending.

Direct acceptance up to three years

The conditional enrolment up to three years (based on the six semester period, Bavarian university law “BayHSchG“) is possible if the candidate has been officially accepted at a faculty or graduate center according to the doctoral regulations.

Where can I get a confirmation letter by the student administration (“Studierendenkanzlei”)?

You find a pdf confirmation letter in your Baydoc Portal (online platform where you registered as a doctoral candidate) in the section Download. Please show this confirmation to the student administration when enrolling for doctoral studies. 

Duration of Enrolment

Doctoral candidates will be removed from the enrolment register after completing their doctoral studies; at latest after completion of the sixth semester. They cannot re-enroll.

Enrolment for more than six semesters requires special circumstances, which have to be approved by the faculty. Also, enrolment can be extended for international doctoral candidates due to visa issues (§ 14 Abs. 5 der Immatrikulationssatzung der Universität Bayreuth).

If you need to apply for enrolment of more than six semesters, please submit an application form and the required documents to student administration (“Studierendenkanzlei”).

To be clear: This process concerns the enrolment of doctoral candidates for doctoral studies, not the doctoral thesis itself.

For further questions, please contact student administration.

Please note:

Enrolment as a doctoral student does not imply, that the requirements for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at a faculty or graduate centre are also fulfilled.

These requirements are based on the doctoral regulations of the respective faculty or graduate centre.

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