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WiN-UBT Conference Grants

Support for junior researchers
in organising a conference at the University of Bayreuth

In the CONFERENCE GRANTS funding program, the University of Bayreuth, provides its junior researchers with funds for organizing independently initiated conferences or workshops. The aim is to support the visibility of the university's junior researchers in the scientific community.


The call for applications 2021 is open from 1 April 2021, new application deadline is 31 May 2021. 

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Call for tender: download (pdf)
Application form: download (pdf - german)

1. Objective

In the CONFERENCE GRANTS funding program, the University of Bayreuth, provides its junior researchers with funds for organizing independently initiated conferences or workshops. The aim is to support the visibility of the university's junior researchers in the scientific community.

In particular, junior researchers aiming for a professorship are encouraged to use this opportunity to familiarise themselves and their research in the scientific public by organising and executing such scientific meeting.

2. Funding subject

2.1.The funding includes the organization of events at the University of Bayreuth, such as

  • conferences and workshops (preferably international) - see also FAQ
  • independent sub-sessions taking place in the context of larger conferences at the University of Bayreuth 
    (e.g. annual meeting of a scientific society or others).
    For sub-sessions, only costs of the particular sub-session may be funded. For information reasons, please also attach the entire financing plan for the larger event to your application (see also FAQ).

2.2. Reimbursement will be made for such costs that are eligible for funding under the Bavarian Financial Regulation. The funding may include costs for supporting personnel, but funding of the applicant’s own staff cost is not possible.

2.3. The annual maximum budget of the program is € 16.000.
Per event, the reimbursement of costs up to a maximum of € 10.000 may be requested.

2.4. The Vice Dean for Research and Junior Scholars may propose partial funding of a project as a result of the assessment.

2.5. Co-funding by other donors is possible and must be mentioned in the application (see application form).

2.6. Organisational support: Upon request, the University of Bayreuth provides organisational software and support for the tax treatment of the event.

3. Eligibility

3.1. Eligible applicants are regular members or scholarship holders of the University of Bayreuth

  • in the early or later postdoc phase (usually up to six years of post-doctoral research, ie PhD in 2013 or later)
  • leaders of junior research groups
  • habilitators as well as
  • junior professors

3.2. The membership or a corresponding scholarship at the University of Bayreuth must exist both at the time of application and approval as well as during the execution of the event.

3.3. Several persons may apply in common, however they have to be individually entitled to submit applications.

3.4. Applicants must register in the WiN-UBT Portal (http://www.win-ubt.uni-bayreuth.de/de/portal/index.html) to apply. Applications sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

4. Application requirements

4.1. The event needs to take place at the University of Bayreuth.

4.2. The applicant must be the leader or organiser of this event. A joint application of several persons must depict the individual roles of the applicants.

4.3. The event must normally take place within 3 to 18 months after the application deadline.

4.4. Invitation for the event is open national / international.
Usually, the majority of participants (without invited guests) shall not be members of the University of Bayreuth.

4.5. Announcement and promotion of the event must mention the University of Bayreuth and the financing by WiN-UBT prominently.

4.6. A separate website has to be set up at the University of Bayreuth beyond the event date. The website shall mention the support by WiN-UBT. In return, there will be a link to this particular website on the information page offered by WiN-UBT.

5. Application

Please download the application form (pdf - German, 750 kB)

Fill in the form (German or English). Additional information may be attached as pdf documents.

Applications must be uploaded as PDF files to the Win-UBT portal - "Conference Grants" tab
by the deadline (new: 31 Mai 2021) in German or English language.

Please note that the upload is limited to four files (including application form).

6. Assessment and follow-up

6.1. The members of the WiN-UBT assessment group at the Vice President for Research and Junior Scholars are representatives of

  • the faculties (1 each),
  • the women's representative (1)
  • the convention of scientific staff (1)
  • the UBT Graduate School (2)
  • and the Vice President for Research and Junior Scholars

The members of the assessment group must not be elegible themselves.

6.2.The assessment group runs a comparative evaluation and decides upon the funding of the applications received.
In particular, the following aspects are considered in the assessment:

  • fulfillment of the formal requirements according to 4.1 - 4.5,
  • the applicant's motivation in the context of the qualification goal - disciplinary and meta-disciplinary,
  • the reflexion of the applicant's role in relation to the program objective,
  • the reflexion of the event's significance for the research unit, the chair (or others).

The assessment group prepares a proposal for the allocation of the funds. If reducing a requested funding amount is necessary, realisation of the project with a lower WiN-UBT funding amount will be discussed with the applicant(s).

6.3. Documentation
​WiN-UBT expects a short report after the event. The report should outline the achievement of the intended target group and the achievement of the aspects considered in the assessment of the application (see above). A report template will be sent when the funding is granted.

Events funded by WiN-UBTHide

Title (in alphabetical order)Call period
Cladocera 20172017
Evolutionary arenas2017
Kant's legal philosophy and global justice2017
Socialist friendship: The legacy of cultural relationships between Africa and Socialism2017
Thinking Through Complexity2017
Young Perspectives in Algebraic Geometry2017
AREM 2018: Archiving and Re-performing Electro-Acoustic Music2018
Intersectionality and medieval sources2018
Out of focus? Let's use autofocus!2018
South African Opera Productions after the Apartheid2018
Studientag Arabistik: Perspectives on Arabic sociolinguistics2018
Privatrecht 2050 - Blick in die (digitale) Zukunft2019
CoTiSp: Language contact through time and space
Digital conference, September 13 - 14,  2021
Longing for hope: Turkey after the new regime and the Covid-19 crisis - part I
Part II in autumn 2021
Trade & IO Workshop 2020
Postponed to 2021
Advances in Protein Folding, Evolution, and Design
Postponed to 2022
Health Promotion for Men
Postponed to 2021
Speculative Endeavours: Cultures of Knowledge and Capital in the
Long 19th Century

Digital conference, October 21 - 23, 2021

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