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Funding for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

You will find continuing education opportunities in higher education for all instructors at the University of Bayreuth by visiting the Centre for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (FBZHL).

In addition to an extensive selection of seminars, you can also take advantage of our individualized service offerings. These formats allow the FBZHL to support continuing education among junior scholars at the University of Bayreuth.

Certificates are awarded for the continuing education courses you attend. Fees for the individual courses that are required for a certificate are paid directly to the FBZHL.


Certificates for attending the courses offered by the FBZHL are awarded at three different levels:

  • basic level,
  • advanced level, and
  • specialization level

Scope of funding

The University of Bayreuth covers the course fees for leaders of junior research groups and members of the University who are pursuing a Habilitation to help them achieve one of the three certificate levels. To apply for reimbursement, you will need to demonstrate to WiN-UBT’s central office that you paid the individual course fees.

Those course fees of FBZHL will be refundable against proof, which arise during pursuing a Habilitation. You will be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs incurred during the course.

The request for reimbursement must be submitted to WiN-UBT within three months of participation.


  • Members of the University of Bayreuth who are pursuing a Habilitation
  • Leaders of junior research groups at the University of Bayreuth


You can settle the costs for which evidence can be provided within three months of course completion. To settle the costs, it is not necessary to demonstrate that you achieved the complete certificate.

The form to be used to request reimbursement is available for download pdf for download.

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