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Funding Scheme WiN-UBT Travel Grants

Call for tender is available for download as pdf 

Link to Portal WiN-UBT

ATTENTION: New call times and deadlines (twice a year):

round Iround II
Opening of the application portalDecember 1stJune 1st
Deadline for submission /
closure of the application portal
January 15 
(following year)
July 15
Evaluation periodFebruaryAugust
Expected notification of applicantsMarch 1-15September 1-15
Deadline for acceptance or refusal of fundingtwo weeks after
two weeks after

1. Objective

With WiN-UBT Travel Grants, the University of Bayreuth provides its young scientists with travel funds for measures within the scope of their career development. The support includes international conference participations, further education measures and other networking trips within the framework of their own research/science community.

Applications are open to postdoctoral candidates in the first and second postdoctoral phases (see remark below) and to leaders of junior research groups. The prerequisite is membership of the University of Bayreuth at the time of application and travel (employment or scholarship as postdoc).

Remark: In the context of WiN-UBT funding, the postdoctoral phase is regularly understood as the period of up to six years of scientific work after the doctorate. As a rule, the count starts with the year after completion of the promotion. In case of individual, justified deviations, please contact the WiN office.

Travel by junior professors and persons with permanent employment (e.g. as a lecturer) will not be supported.

2. Type and amount of funding

When approved, the funding may include travel expenses for travel to

  • conferences and workshops (preferably international) with an own contribution (poster, lecture or accepted paper).
  • further education measures of specialised or interdisciplinary or extra-curricular type
  • Research stays at other institutions

As a rule, travel expenses, accommodation costs and participation fees are reimbursed. All reimbursements need to follow the provisions of the Bavarian Travel Expenses Act (BayRKG). The account will be settled directly by division III/3 (travel expenses).

Per person and application, up to 1,500 euros may be granted. Proven and billable costs according to BayRKG will be reimbursed up to the individually approved amount at the maximum. Mixed financing with contributions from other donors is permissible and must be stated when submitting the application.

Only one application shall be admissible for each call and for each applicant. Next application is possible at the earliest one year after last approval (call after next one).
The trip must start within 12 months of the tender deadline. Retroactive funding of already completed trips is not possible.

3. Application

All applications must be submitted electronically in German or English to the WiN-UBT portal by the deadline (15.1. and 15.7. of each year). Please consider the following aspects in your application:

  • Qualification goal and significance of the trip in relation to the qualification
  • Summary of the project (e.g. conference contribution)
  • Acceptance confirmation for poster, lecture or accepted paper
  • Cost estimate

4. Selection process

For each call for tender, there are 10,000 € available for award (as of 1.5.2021).

An evaluation group under the Vice President for Research and Young Scientists (VPF) will select the eligible applications by using a scoring procedure. The group consists of 11 persons: one representative of each faculty, one women's representative and one representative of the scientific convent, the VPF and the director of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School. 

Allocation of the funds is according to the score achieved, up to the total amount. If several applications with the same score reach the finance threshold, the distribution of the available funding amount among all applications above the threshold value shall be a similar percentage of the individual amount requested.

The score is the mean value of the assessments submitted by the group members. The evaluators shall not assess individual applications in case of bias or other reasons.

Applicants should receive notification of the results of the selection process four weeks after the submission deadline.

Acceptance/rejection of funding
Applicants must declare acceptance or rejection o the funding within two weeks after notification. In case of rejection, next application is possible in upcoming call for tender for this particular person.

Unused funding will be transferred to the next funding round.

5. Report

After having spent the funding, applicants are to submit a report WiN-UBT office. Applicants will receive the report form together with the notice of approval.

6. Contact

The funding scheme WiN-UBT-Travel Grants is a support from the Vice President for Research and Young Scientists at the University of Bayreuth. The WiN-UBT office is responsible for handling this funding line.

For further information please contact:
   Dr. Mabel Braun
   grants.win-ubt [at] uni-bayreuth.de
   Phone: +49 921/55-7788

Webmaster: Dr. Mabel Braun

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