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Research Certificate WiN-Fund

Research Certificate - WiN-Fund

The research certificate WiN-Fund fosters project development and management skills, which are relevant for acquiring and managing third party projects.

It targets doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers.

Requirements for obtaining the research certificate WiN-Fund

  • 1 Workshop in the area of Research Support and Funding: Choose among workshops that are offered by the research Support Unit (F).
  • Research Data Management (FDM) (offered by Research Support F, IT-Service Center, University Library).
  • Pursuit of External Funding for Projects (UBTGS/WiN workshop)
  • Management tools for early career researchers  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Finance Policies  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Project Management (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Visibility of Research  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Good Scientific Practice (UBTGS/WiN )

In addition, please choose one workshop in each of the following categories:

  • III. Leadership, Project Management, Teamwork Practices
  • V. Committees and Higher Education Policies
  • VI. Science Communication

More information qualifikation programme

These modules can be completed in any order. Workshops offered by other UBT institutions or external providers may be eligible after consultation.

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