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Research Certificate WiN-Fund

Research Certificate - WiN-Fund

The research certificate WiN-Fund fosters project development and management skills, which are relevant for acquiring and managing third party projects.

It targets doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers.

Requirements for obtaining the research certificate WiN-Fund

Prerequisite for the acquisition of the research certificate is the participation in 11 workshops from the categories listed below. The events do not follow any chronological order and can be booked according to availability and demand. Certificates from similar workshops at other institutions can be recognized by previous agreement.

The following events/workshops must be attended to obtain the research certificate:

  • 1 Workshop in the area of Research Support and Funding: Choose among workshops that are offered by the research Support Unit (F).
  • Research Data Management (FDM) (offered by Research Support F, IT-Service Center, University Library).
  • Pursuit of External Funding for Projects (UBTGS/WiN workshop)
  • Management tools for early career researchers  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Finance Policies  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Project Management (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Visibility of Research  (UBTGS/WiN)
  • Good Scientific Practice (UBTGS/WiN )

In addition, please choose one workshop in each of the following categories:

  • III. Leadership, Project Management, Teamwork Practices
  • V. Committees and Higher Education Policies
  • VI. Science Communication

For more information see the qualification programme

These modules can be completed in any order. Workshops offered by other UBT institutions or external providers may be eligible after consultation.

The certificate is issued by the coordination office of the Stabsstellen F - Win.

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