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Research Support

Office of Research Support

The Office of Research Funding helps members of the University of Bayreuth to plan their research projects and apply for external funding. There is a weekly newsletter that informs about new calls and funding programmes. The unit regularly organises events and workshops on research funding with external speakers.

Research Data Management

The University of Bayreuth promotes Research Data Management to underpin the excellence and integrity of its research. Sustainable research data management includes the collection, saving, long-term storage, documentation, and publication of research data according to subject-specific standards. Making data accessible and replicable for future use ensures their quality and opens up opportunities for further research. For more information on all aspects of research data management at the University of Bayreuth please visit the webpages of our research data management working group.

Publication guideline

The University of Bayreuth is committed to raising the profile of the research work carried out by its scientists, and in so doing, improving its international reputation. All members of the University of Bayreuth are therefore asked to follow the recommendations given below for the standardised indication of affiliation ("publication guideline").

The Nagoya Protocol

For the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol the DFG published Guidelines on ABS and Erläuterungen zu Begrifflichkeiten aus dem Nagoya-Protokoll.

The Nagoya Protocol is a binding treaty under international law that addresses access to and handling of biological material obtained abroad and requests a fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of this material (Access and Benefit Sharing, ABS).

The DFG appeals to all universities and research institutions and their members to follow the rules and regulations of the protocol and to take responsibility for its implementation.

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