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HStatG - Registration of ongoing doctorates

On March 2, 2016, the Act amending the Higher Education Statistics Act (HStatG) entered into force. According to this, a number of survey features are recorded annually for doctoral candidates in current doctoral procedures on 1 December each year. The universities are required to submit this data to the respective State Statistics Office.

The deadline for the doctoral candidate statistics is December 1.

Definitions and data set description can be found on the websites of the German Federal Statstics Office (English documents at the bottom of the right side).

Explanations of the parameters of the doctoral student statistics can be found in Volume 7 of the
German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training (UniWiND/GUAT) publication series  "Promovierendenerfassung – Leitfaden für einen einheitlichen Datensatz" (in German).

The doctoral candidate statistics contain not only core data for the current doctorate, but also information about the

  •   PhD-qualifying, previous passed final exam
  •   first enrollment as a student
  •   university entrance allowance


The online registration is the portal for collecting and maintaining the data of our doctoral students. It takes place at the respective doctoral institution (faculty or graduate school). The online registration is also part of the application for acceptance for doctoral studies according to the regulations in the doctoral regulations of the institutions.

Link to the website  online registration

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