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Junior Scholar Office (WiN-UBT) - WiN Academy and University of Bayreuth Graduate School

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WiN-UBT Conference Grants - funded conferences

Since 2017, the University of Bayreuth has supported its young researchers in holding their own conferences or workshops at the University of Bayreuth. To date, a wide variety of formats has been funded.

Titel der VeranstaltungFörderperiode

Die ethische Grundlage des Wirtschaftsdenkens in Mittelalter und Frühen Neuzeit:
Epochale Bewegungen


Quadratic Chabauty for Atkin-Lehner quotients of modular curves and Shimura curves

Advances in Protein Folding, Evolution and Design
Conference date: April 6 - 8, 2022
Health Promotion for Men
Delayed to spring 2022
Speculative Endeavours: Cultures of Knowledge and Capital in the
Long 19th Century
CoTiSp: Language contact through time and space2019
Longing for hope: Turkey after the new regime and the Covid-19 crisis - part I2019
Privatrecht 2015 - Blick in die (digitale) Zukunft
(30. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft Junge Zivilrechtswissenschaft e. V.)

Trade & IO Workshop 2020
Conference date: June 2 - 3, 2022 - call for papers open until April 8, 2022

AREM 2018: Archiving and Re-performing Electro-Acoustic Music2018
Intersectionality and medieval sources2018
Out of focus? Let's use autofocus!


South African Opera Productions after the Apartheid2018
Studientag Arabistik: Perspectives on Arabic sociolinguistics2018
Cladocera 20172017
Evolutionary arenas2017
Kant's legal philosophy and global justice2017
Socialist friendship: The legacy of cultural Relationships between Africa and Socialism2017
Thinking Through Complexity2017
Young Perspectives in Algebraic Geometry2017

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