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New workshop series in May: “Staying on track during the pandemic – Ideas and strategies from an international network”


In four 90mins workshops - each delivered by a facilitator from a different country - we'll share ideas, experiences and methods for staying healthy and productive throughout the pandemic.

Organised by the three Gateway Offices and the Graduate School of the University of Bayreuth and the Bayreuth-Melbourne Network, facilitators from Australia, Germany, China and France will provide insights into the different strategies and pandemic responses in their country and share their ideas for a productive PhD journey during and after lockdowns.

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/staying-on-track-during-the-pandemic-tickets-150138288663

Contact: Melbourne@uni-bayreuth.de


  • 5th May - Australia: “Navigating uncertainty during COVID times”; Desiree Dickerson, PhD
    • Learn how to:
      • Give yourself permission (to be where you are and feel what you feel!)
      • Navigate uncertainty and worry.
      • Make micro-changes to maintain a solid emotional and mental foundation.
      • Fill your bucket when life is constantly emptying it.
  • 12th May - Germany: “Coping strategies for COVID challenges”; Dr. habil. Helmut Strobl & Dr. Philipp Laemmert
    • Finishing a doctoral thesis can be a milestone in your life story, but the way there can also be laborious and exhausting. How do PhD students and recent PhD graduates deal with these demands and obstacles?
    • In this workshop we want to highlight various success factors and hurdles on the way to awarding a PhD and focus on the opportunities for your personal development during this period.
  • 19th May - France: "Stuck in the Arctic: how I developed coping strategies and used them during the lockdown"; Storytelling by Lydie Lescarmontier, PhD
    • Lydie Lescarmontier (Doctor in glaciology) is the scientific manager in a foundation for education on climate change under the auspices of UNESCO. Her guiding and photography work has led her on an adventure that will make her experience sea sickness, cramped spaces and risk, as well as to an appreciation of the insignificance of man in an environment as hostile as it is suffocatingly beautiful.
    • In this session, she will tell us how she experimented her lockdown in the Arctic and how it helped her go through the COVID-lockdown.
  • 26th May - China: “Learning from an international perspective”.
    • Ms Yixin QIU
      • Yixin Qiu is a PhD candidate at the Chair of Strategic Management and Organisation at the University of Bayreuth. She would like to share her own experiences in addressing the restrictions and also of making use of the new norms in Covid-19 times.
    • Mr Xin HUANG
      • Xin Huang is a PhD candidate of Central China Normal University and a visiting student at City University of London. He will share his research experience in China and in the UK and discuss the influence of the pandemic on his research, mentality and living. He will also explain how he overcame these difficulties.
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