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Representatives of Doctoral Candidates - Agenda 2021/22


Dear fellow doctoral candidates,

This year’s electoral turnout was tremendous, and we want to thank all those of you who gave us their trust. We hope to measure up to your expectations! Thank you very much also to the great number of candidates who were willing to support the graduate school – you are welcome to take part in our work.

During this year’s legislative period, we would like to carry on with existing and established projects. We will therefore continue our work within the network of doctoral representation called “Landesnetzwerk der Promovierendenvertretungen in Bayern” (LaProBay), which was formed due to the underrepresentation of the group of doctoral candidates within the new “Hochschulinnovationsgesetz” (HIG). In addition, the “Promovierendenstammtisch” will persist as a great networking event. It will take place approx. every 2nd month – whenever possible in person otherwise via zoom.

Besides, we would like to extend the interdisciplinarity among doctoral candidates, for instance, by planning an event to get to know each other’s working context or establishing an correspondence platform. Furthermore, we try to promote intercultural exchange and internationality within the graduate school. Therefore, we would like to set up more graduate school courses in English, and we will try to facilitate access to language courses.

Last but not least, we will represent our interests as doctoral candidates by using our voting rights in the Board of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School as well as in the Scientific Council (Wissenschaftlicher Konvent) and by counseling the university senate (Hochschulsenat) on its decisions.

Please feel free to contact us via E-Mail or in person if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or problems!

Kind regards
Daniel, Franziska, Özge & Thorsten

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