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Bernd Rendel Prize for young scientists from the geosciences


In 2022, the Bernd Rendel Foundation in the Donors' Association together with the German Research Foundation (DFG) will again award the Bernd Rendel Prize to presumably two young scientists from the geosciences who have not (yet) received their doctorate.

Criteria for the award are a high scientific potential as well as an exceptionally high quality and originality of the research work (e.g. master's thesis or ongoing dissertation). In addition, further career plans and the intended use of the prize money are taken into account when evaluating the application. The prize money should be used for scientific purposes.

Both personal applications and proposals from scientists in the field may be submitted. Applications or proposals from candidates are possible until the day of the defense of the doctorate.

The following documents are required for applications or proposals:

  • Covering letter with max. 1-page statement of reasons
  • Curriculum vitae and short description of current and possibly planned work, putting previous publications into context (DFG form 10.40)
  • Master's thesis (or diploma thesis) and publications
  • Letter of endorsement

Please submit your application/proposal via the DFG elan portal by February 21, 2022. The online form can be found under Application - Nominations - Bernd Rendel Prize 2022. The elan portal will be activated for applications under the prize as of January 24, 2022.

If you do not yet have an elan user account, please note that you must register on the elan portal before applying. This usually applies to applicants who are submitting an application to the DFG for the first time. Confirmation of registration usually takes place by the following business day. It is not possible to submit a proposal without prior registration! If you propose a candidate for the award, please note that he/she must register with elan beforehand for data protection reasons, otherwise it will not be possible to process the proposal.

The Bernd Rendel Prizes have been financed annually since 2002 from the income of the Bernd Rendel Foundation, which is administered by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. The foundation was established in memory of the geology student Bernd Rendel, who died young, by his family.

For further information regarding the Bernd Rendel Prize visit here.

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