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Representatives of Doctoral Candidates - Summary 2021/22


Another legislative period of the representatives has ended and we would like to look back on our activities during the past year. We still had to cope with covid-19 restrictions which fortunately were alleviated since the beginning of 2022, which made it possible for us to host several “Promovierendenstammtische” in person, which were well attended and accompanied by exciting discussions. Furthermore, we hosted our first “Show me!”-Event where colleagues from different disciplines were able to give us some insights into their institute/labs as well as their theses and methods.

Our work regarding the network of doctoral presentations of Bavarian universities (“Landesnetzwerk der Promovierendenvertretungen in Bayern” (LaProBay)) continued and we worked on a new position paper regarding the formal establishment of doctoral representations at every Bavarian university. Additionally, we are very happy, that last years position Paper regarding the “Hochschulinnovationsgesetz” (HIG) had a positive impact on the HIG. In the newest version of the HIG doctoral students are mentioned as a separate status group, which is very important, i. e. for external PhD students.

In regard to the graduate school we managed to promote intercultural exchange and internationality, where we were able to increase the number of graduate school courses in English. We would like to thank the members of the graduate school staff for their help and cooperation regarding this topic. Additionally, we were working on facilitating the access to language courses of the “Sprachenzentrum” for doctoral candidates. In close cooperation with the graduate school and the Sprachenzentrum we first held a survey regarding your preferences regarding time slots and languages and then worked together with the Sprachenzentrum to incorporate your preferences into the course offers of the Sprachenzentrum. Thank you for the support, cooperation and flexibilty. 

We would like to thank all of the doctoral candidates who gave us their trust, for the opportunity to represent you. If you have any further questions or problems, please feel free to contact us via E-Mail or in person. Furthermore, we would like to congratulate the newly and reelected representatives for the new legislative period 2022/2023: Franziska Zahn, Edith Françoise Douandji Songwa, Florian Cramer and Andreas Trauner. 


Daniel, Özge, Thorsten & Franziska

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