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Deadline 07.05.2023: Lucerne Master Class 2023 "European Politics in Times of Crises"


The Lucerne Master Class takes place from October 17th to 20th, 2023 with Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Kriesi (European University Institute, Florence).

This year's Master Class will cover the European Union's crisis response and their impact on the EU’s resilience based on the approach and preliminary results of the SOLID project, an ERC-Synergy project of which the scholar teaching the Master Class is one of the PIs. The Master Class will do so by situating the theoretical approach of the project in the context of classic approaches to the European integration process, by providing in-depth analyses of two crises – the refugee and the Covid-19 crisis – and by discussing how the EU’s responses can be compared across crises.

Call for applications

After having carefully read the Call for Applications, please apply by submitting the Application Form below including all demanded documents. Application deadline is May 7th, 2023. Please send your applications to christina.cavedon@unilu.ch and put gsl@unilu.ch in Cc.

Application form

For more information visit www.unilu.ch

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