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Deadline 30.09.2023: 9th research grant application - International Polyurethane Technology Foundation


In the 60th anniversary of the first polyurethane foam production in Asia, the International Polyurethane Technology Foundation was established as a general incorporated foundation in 2014, and has become a public interest in 2019.

This year marks the 9th research grant and the International Polyurethane Technology Foundation provides research grants to universities, research institutions and individuals that are contributing or considered to contribute to the growth and environment-friendly research and development of polyurethane technologies.

The Foundation is pleased to inform you that it can provide the research grant to support potential research related to polyurethane.

Note: From this year, it has established two categories of grants Please select one and apply.

  1. General research grant: 1 million yen per research, about 4 projects
  2. Research grants for overseas researchers in developing countries: 500,000 yen per research, about 4 projects.

Please see the URL, https://www.pu-zaidan.jp/en/guide.html for details.

The foudnation would like to inform you that the deadline to apply for the 9th grant is September 30, 2023.

Please complete the designated application form and then convert the application document into digital data (pdf data) to send it the Foundation's E-mail address such as info@pu-zaidan.jp.

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