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Prospects: Lecture series on the DFG's funding portfolio for scientific careers

February 09, 2022

Germany’s largest independent research funding organisation offers funding opportunities for all career stages between doctorate and professorship. Join their online talk and get to know the DFG and its funding portfolio for postdocs.

They offer an overview of all funding instruments for the time after your PhD as well as specific focus talks on the Walter Benjamin Programme, the Emmy Noether Programme and the Heisenberg Programme. They will also provide advice on how to prepare your proposal for the review process and answer your questions. PhD candidates and postdocs of all disciplines are welcome to join!

Upcoming talks in the Prospects Series:

  • 1/3/2022 – Walter Benjamin-Programm (in German)
  • 15/3/2022 – Emmy Noether-Programm (in German)
  • 5/4/2022 – DFG-Förderangebote für die wissenschaftliche Karriere (in German)
  • 10/5/2022 – Walter Benjamin Programme (in English)
  • 21/6/2022 – Heisenberg-Programm (in German)
  • 5/7/2022 – DFG Funding Opportunities for Postdocs (in English)

Up-to-date information on the lectures and registration options can be found here a few weeks before the respective dates.

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