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Deadline 20. January/ 7. February: Young Scientist Award, Scientist & Research Institution Award und Tandem Award

28. November 2022

YouTube video, TikTok-Stitch, Insta Story or Twitch stream – the main competition is all about visual formats! You can submit your video in the three main categories: the Young Scientist Award, the Scientist & Research Institution Award, and the Tandem Award, depending on your professional background. Entries must have appeared on a social media platform between 9 February 2022 and 7 February 2023 and be publicly accessible via a link. The topic can be chosen freely, but the focus should be on your own research or work. Teams and research institutions can also submit entries.

In addition, there are two special prizes, the Open Box Special and the Audio Special, which celebrate other scientific online formats. The Short & Crisp Award honours videos of all languages with english subtitles and is awarded in conjunction with the SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival. The special categories are open to submissions from all interested parties, whether scientists or not.Entries can be submitted between the 14.11.2022 and the 7.2.2023. For the Short & Crisp Award only, the submission ends on the 20.01.2023

First place winners will each receive 3000 €, second place winners 2000 € and third place winners 1000 €. For the special awards, only the first-place winners will receive a prize money of 1000 €, for Short & Crisp it is 3000 €. In addition, the first-place winners of the awards in the main competition and the winners of the special prizes will be invited to become part of the jury of Fast Forward Science 23/24. Due to its integration into the Silbersalz Science & Media Awards, the Short & Crisp Award is excluded from this regulation.

Detailed information can be found on the website.

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