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*Managing Projects in Science and Research

04-05 February 2020
B 11

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Trainer: Dr. Christina Issa
Language: English
Registration: bis 21. Januar 2020
for doctoral candidates via BayDOChttps://baydoc.uni-bayreuth.de
for Postdocs and Habilitierende via https://baydoc.uni-bayreuth.de/ubt/de/intern/postdoc/

Projects in science, research and teaching are characterized by deliverables like outcomes, results, new findings or concepts, which should be presented and explained to the public. Being in an economic competition about funding and third-party resources, managing, controlling and marketing of scientific projects becomes crucial for the success of projects and involved partners. Being responsible not only for one but for multiple projects doubles the challenges in project management and communication.

Project managers in academia do often not have the leading authority but are in charge of the project management. This requires a collaborative communication between involved team members and project partners. The aim of this workshop is to give an overview about the requirements and methods in the management of scientific projects. Based on practical exercises, participants will get knowledge and insight how to structure, plan and control their projects and which competencies as a project manager are required. Hands-on methods for establishing a good project communication and basic knowledge about team leadership will be provided.

Workshop content:

  • Scientific Projects vs. Industrial Projects: similarities and differences
  • Methods and tools for project management: scheduling, project structure plan, time, cost, resource planning, traditional vs agile project management
  • Project organization, project management and team work: organizational structures, roles, tasks, team development, challenges and conflicts in teamwork
  • Project communication: establishing rules of collaboration in research and working groups
  • Toolbox: Software, creative techniques

Qualification objectives

  • Skills acquisition for a structured project planning
  • Better understanding of chances, opportunities and limitations of project management
  • Getting to know tools for establishing project communication


Dr. Christine Issa is advisor, trainer, coach (DGfC) and founder of SAMINWORLD in Düsseldorf; a company specialized on cross-cultural collaboration in Science, Economy and Academic Development Cooperation. After her vocational education as a Merchant, she studied Geography, Economy and Islamic Science. She worked as a project controller for the mobile branch of Telekom Germany and for RKW Architecture and Urban Development. She accomplished her PhD in Geographical Development and Conflict Research.  She has a long-standing working experience in industry and scientific project management. She works as an advisor for collaboration in Higher Education and Development Cooperation in Afghanistan. She conducts Coaching and Training for universities, scientific institutions and companies. She is the author of several publications in the field of Geographical Development and Conflict Research.

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