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*Time and self management for your PhD thesis

26 February 2020
B 11

Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm

Trainer: Dr. Eva Reichmann
Language: English
Registration: until 12 February 2020
for doctoral candidates via BayDOC: https://baydoc.uni-bayreuth.de

Working toward a doctoral degree is challenging, as doctoral students are required to meet several demands from personal and professional areas of life: they have to plan and master deadlines, solve problems, participate at meetings, communicate with colleagues and supervisors and find a balance between work and private life - and they might feel overwhelmed by work.

No matter what stage of their research project they are in, it is possible to counteract: with the use of efficient methods and strategies participants can plan and design the work on their thesis and be able to finish it within a realistic time frame.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Analyze personal time- and self-management habits and their influence on progress
  • Analyze the current situation of the research project(s): how did I successfully make it that far?
  • Basic methods for realistic planning - as basis for success
  • Methods for writing/publishing, for research planning and process management, for effective communication and for other tasks, that doctoral students individually have to master
  • Milestone plan for the thesis - and detailed planning of the next 6 months
  • Setting priorities and other standard time management methods
  • If "research samples do not behave like they should" - dealing with unruly research questions
  • Problems with the supervisor: making the relationship work
  • Self-motivation by goal setting: what comes next - and how can I use that for motivation or volition?
  • Analyze individual stressors and create ideas how to deal with them
  • Where and how to get help if everything fails

Qualification objectives

Participants learn how to develop and install the time- and self-management methods they need to work on their PhD. They acquire a set of methods and strategies for solving current and future time-management challenges.


Dr. Eva Reichmann advises junior scientists nationwide on career planning issues and supports higher education institutions in the training of junior executives. Owner of beruf & leben GbR.

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