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* Experiment Decision making - Using ambivalences - identifying opportunities (Doctoral Candidates & Postdocs+)

12. January 2023
NEU: S 86 (Sport)

Time: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Trainer: Dr. Mareike Teigeler
Language: English
Qualification Area: Professional orientation: before, during and after the doctorate​
Registration: 01 December until 05 January 2023
Deregistration: until 05 January 2023

for members of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School via BayDOC
for Postdocs+ (= postdocs, habilitation candidates and junior professors (with and without tenure track) & junior research group leaders between habilitation and junior professorship) via WiN-UBT portal

In the context of our professional positioning we are confronted with the question „How do I make the right decision?“ again and again. What if there was another way of looking at decisions and decision making? 
The training accepts this challenge and opens a philosophical perspective on the subject. With the philosopher and consultant Dr. Mareike Teigeler you will work out how you can unfold the power of decisions in order to bring up what is important to you. You will deal with Hannah Arendt´s „Thinking without boundaries“ as well as Jacques Derrida´s „Leap into the creative act“ to find out how to succeed in taking responsibility for a decision that is not the only „right“ one, but the one that is appropriate for the particular situation in which you find yourself.

Qualification Goals

  • Acquiring knowledge about a philosophical perspective on the topic of decision making
  • Gaining new insights into how to deal with doubts concerning one’s career 
  • Reflection on (new) career paths


  • Dr. Mareike Teigeler studied sociology and philosophy at the universities of Münster and Hamburg. In 2011, she completed her PhD at the University of Hamburg on the topic of the productive power of discomfort. 
  • From 2012 - 2020, Dr. Mareike Teigeler worked at the College of Leuphana University Lüneburg as a research assistant as well as a quality management officer.  
  • Since 2021, she has been putting her philosophical-scientific background "into action" as a coach and consultant, encouraging people to develop their own processes and (solution) paths in decision-making issues.

*Creditability within the kick-off seminar

For reasons of respect and fairness towards all participants and the workshop leaders, participants who miss more than 10% of the workshop are considered not to be present. You will therefore not receive a certificate and you will not be able to use the workshop in question to unlock funds or acquire further qualifications.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dipl.-Ing. Iris Hetz

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